Pre-Order Policy

Pre-Order Policy

If you're tired of being the last one with the newest figures, running into stores looking at empty shelves or just living in a fear of missing out, then pre-ordering is for you.

Pre-Order Policy

A pre-order is an order you make with Ram Fam Collectibles to hold an item for you until its estimated release date.  Pre-Orders are a great way to make sure you get the latest toys and collectibles without any stress and they'll come directly from Ram Fam Collectibles. From collectors, for collectors. 

Pre-Orders Payment

Pre-Orders are charged in full when they are placed, which is how Ram Fam collectibles is able to secure your purchase. 

Pre-Order Cancelation

Canceled pre-orders are subject to a 10% cancelation fee. Why? It's simple, Ram Fam Collectibles made the commitment to purchase your item from the manufacturer or distributor. If you wish to cancel a preorder email us directly at Cancellations requests must be received BEFORE items ship from our warehouse, otherwise the process will be handled according to our refund / return policy. 

Pre-Orders Fulfillment

Because we receive all of our toys, action figures and collectibles from distributors, pre-orders can never be 100% guaranteed. If a distributor cancels or limits the release of a particular item, we might not be able to fulfil said pre-order.  That said, our buying team works hard to ensure that we always have the product to fulfill our preorders.  In the event of cancelation, a full refund will be given however no compensation will be given for the inconvenience. 

The estimated arrival date (a month timeframe generally) is set by the manufacturer.  While they are more or less accurate, it is common to see delays due to the manufacturer or customs holdups during shipping.  You will be notified with updates as they become available for delayed preorders. 

Preorders will be shipped as they arrive at our warehouse.  If you would like us to delay fulfillment of pre-orders to combine with others, please shoot us an email us at

Pre-Order Items with Different Release Dates

We recommend you place separate orders for preorders with separate release dates. This way, the moment one item is in, we can ship out that item right away. Otherwise, items will be held on your order until all items can ship together.

Combining In-Stock & Pre-Order Items

Preorders should be placed separate for orders with “In-Stock” items. Why? Because then we would have to hold your in stock items with your pre-order items and that is just way too long to wait for your order. All orders placed incorrectly with both in-stock & pre-order items will not be fulfilled until all items are in-stock, and that's just too long to wait, so avoid it and separate them.

Pre-Orders & Flex Shipping

If you have multiple preorders and would like to save on shipping, let us know either in the notes box at checkout, in an email after placing the order, in the chat widget on the bottom right, just reach out!  We will then hold the items until they can ship together and refund you the difference in shipping prices.